Friday, 3 May 2013

“Why is the Council seizing much more land than it needs to build school on Lake Farm?"

The Council is being forced to consult on how much land it is
appropriating to build a new school Botwell Common and Lake Farm. In the
consultation papers it is revealed that the Council is seizing at least
50% more land than it originally said it needed in its planning
application for the new school.

Local MP, John McDonnell, commented "The only reason the council is
trying to seize so much more land is that it must have a hidden agenda
to build on more of our country park. Is there a hidden plan for housing
or a secondary school on the park or both? Are we witnessing another
sell off and asset stripping exercise in the south of the borough by
these Uxbridge and Ruislip councillors? We are demanding answers."

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